When you imagine Ladakh, most likely, you will not think of a camel safari there because all Ladakh pictures are with snow clad mountains and pristine lakes. You would be amazed to know that camels are not confined to plain deserts such as in Sahara or Thar desert in Rajasthan, but camels have been part of Ladakh since ancient times and they have been one of major means of transport for Central Asian traders in cold deserts of Ladakh in Nubra Valley (valley of flowers) which is located north of Leh. The unique feature in Ladakh is Bectarian camels with double hump which are not there in other places.

This is a truly unique experience as it will take a little time before you would get used to undulating and shaky movement of a camel. You will explore apricot orchards surrounded by frozen desert and mountain terrain. The most interesting feature of the camel safari is that it takes you to remote villages of Nubra Valley with a view of Deksit and other Buddhist Monasteries. This would be definitely a memorable and unforgettable trip.